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Course Title: “Introduction to the ‘effects’ of ayahuasca” (AE0)

Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Imparted by: Dr. Santiago López-Pavillard

About Dr. López-Pavillard

Santiago López-Pavillard is a cultural anthropologist, PhD from Universidad Complutense de Madrid with the thesis “Life as a healing process: shamanic practices of the Upper Amazon related to ayahuasca in Spain”, a version of which, titled “Shamans, Ayahuasca and Healing”, was published by the Spanish National Scientific Research Council (CSIC) in 2018. He is a founding member of the Anthropology of Religion and Spirituality Group (ARESIMA) at the Madrid Institute of Anthropology and president of the Eleusis Association for the study of states of consciousness. He has carried out fieldwork in Spain, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.

What you will learn

Understanding what the “effects” of ayahuasca are, and which ones they are, is complex. In this introductory course we present the training program of Eleusis Association (AE), whose ultimate goal is to facilitate this understanding.


Our training includes two lines of work: first a basic training program composed of six courses. Secondly monographic courses on various topics..

Since 2018 AE’s basic training has been the Basic Course (AE1). It is available online. This free introductory course titled “Introduction to the ‘effects’ of ayahuasca” is a presentation and introduction to the Basic Course (AE1).

Once the AE1 course has been completed, the student can access, if he or she wishes, the Eleusis Workshop.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for the general public. However, it could be of special interest for the following people:

  • Anthropologists working in the field of religious and spiritual practices, as well as practices associated with healing/affliction processes.
  • Professionals from the health sciences who wish to broaden their notion of medicine and health from a non-biomedical perspective.
  • Therapists who practice healing as complementary/alternative medicine, integrative medicine, traditional medicine and, in general, any practitioner of spiritual or energetic techniques.

Are there any requirements to take the course?

The only requirement for this course is intellectual curiosity for the foundations of our existence. To deepen later, the person must feel the need, and have the will, to make some real change in their life.

Course Enrollment

The course with English subtitles costs 10 euros.

To enroll the course you can pay by PayPal. Please indicate clearly “AE0 ENROLLMENT” and name and surname. Once we have received the registration fee we will send you a username and password to access the course.

PayPal to oidor@asociacioneleusis.es

Price Amount: 10 euros

After payment (send us an e-mail to oidor@asociacioneleusis.es) we will send you a username and password to access the course.

You can see for free the spanish version HERE.